Mintel Reports provides robust insight and recommendations based on in-depth market study

In our ever-more connected world, more and more businesses are finding their market is now a truly global one.

That means new territories to target, new customers to understand and to reach. That requires new market entry strategy - but where to begin?

Start with Mintel Reports - your guide through the big choices you need to make. The wheres, the whens and the hows.

Mintel Reports offers the global coverage you need to inform your market entry strategy decisions. The data to decide which regions take priority, the market overviews and competitor profiling you need for due diligence.

Our exclusive consumer research allows you to get to know your future customers before you meet them. To understand the trends, the similarities, the local differences.

And on top of that, we offer the sharpest insights into the opportunities of each potential new market and the ready-to-go recommendations that will help you hit the ground running. Fast.

About Mintel

We are Mintel. We are your eyes and ears in the markets that matter. The insights behind your next big idea. Your fingers on the pulse of innovation. Your interpreters of consumer trends.