Mintel Reports provides robust insight and recommendations based on in-depth market study

Consumer behaviour is right at the heart of everything we do. We are people people. We speak to them every day, we follow their buying habits, we see how they are changing in what they think and what they do.

No-one has consumer data like we have consumer data. Our exclusive research tracks consumer behaviour, consumer attitudes, habits, preferences and motives. It drills downs into detailed demographics to enable you to focus on key customer segments within your market, to identify new and emerging consumer needs.

And no-one understands consumer data like we understand consumer data. We look beyond the numbers to see how they fit with everything else we know - in market dynamics, technology, psychology, sociology. Context is king.

Knowing the consumer is critical to your business success. Our data can help you understand sales trends and identify opportunities for growth. And our interpretation of consumer behaviour, our insights and recommendations, can signpost the path to future success in meeting evolving consumer needs.

About Mintel

We are Mintel. We are your eyes and ears in the markets that matter. The insights behind your next big idea. Your fingers on the pulse of innovation. Your interpreters of consumer trends.