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"COVID-19 has acted to accelerate the trend towards more sustainable demands. DIY specialists can develop in-store exchanges, with old furniture and home goods traded for in-store credit. This also offers an opportunity for in-house repairs, before selling second-hand renovated products in-store; thereby, not only creating a new income stream, but also helping less affluent consumers out in the process, particularly important with the polarisation of demand in recent years."

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"The main story over the coming year in furniture, as with wider retail, is of mounting uncertainty, with a near-perfect storm of inflation, supply chain disruption and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. These pressures have already hit consumers, limiting expenditure and exacerbating already polarised demand, with this expected to continue in the coming years. To combat this, much of the emphasis will fall on retailers and what they can do to help consumers navigate these uncertainties moving forward."

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