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"Mounting inflationary pressures have pushed value high up on consumers’ agenda. While some parents will tighten their purse strings by trading down to discounters, especially with big-ticket items such as pushchairs, there are opportunities for nursery and baby equipment retailers to expand their value proposition, incorporating values beyond price to incentivise trading up. The second-hand market presents a lucrative revenue stream that retailers can explore, tapping into the trend of value seeking as well as circular consumption. Online retail will also see a boost given the positive price perception associated with this channel."

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"Canadians are feeling the pain of rampant food inflation. They are also angry about the rising cost of food and drink and many place blame at the feet of grocers and producers. This is leading to a crisis of confidence toward the industry. There is no easy solution as rising prices are the result of global issues that are not specific to Canada. That said, for shoppers, perception is reality and brands need to acknowledge consumers’ pain, take steps to show empathy and as they are help nourish Canadians in an affordable manner."

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