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“As a result of the enforced home confinement for much of the year because of the pandemic, the home sector was one of very few areas to see a strong performance in 2020. Leroy Merlin is the largest and one of the most successful DIY retailers in Spain and it dominates in-store. Online - as a distribution channel - has seen substantial growth during 2020, accelerating development by several years. Those that can ramp up their online model will be able to benefit from the permanent changes in consumer behaviour, moving forward.”

– Utku Tansel, European Retail Analyst

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“The COVID-19 pandemic has served to accelerate the process of structural change in the Italian DIY retailing sector. We’ve seen substantial growth in online sales, although not as much as in some non-essential retail sectors, due to the fact that DIY retailers were classed as essential during lockdown and were able to keep their stores open, albeit with some restrictions on what they could sell. We see the Italian DIY store of the future being smaller and performing a much more experiential role. We also expect an increase in the number of city centre stores as retailers look to move closer to their customers.”

– Michael Oliver, Retail Analyst

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