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"Amazon is the biggest player in the ever growing online retailing market in Spain and the company has been expanding there rapidly in recent years. It is projected to continue its rise over the coming years, as the online habit sticks, fuelled largely by the overwhelming demand for convenience and the wider range of brands online than when shopping in-store. Significant opportunity exists for the business driven by rising sustainability awareness, greater appetite for fast delivery as well as potential new services, such as prescription medication provision."

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"Since it launched in Europe, Amazon has evolved from primarily an online book retailer into a retail-based ecosystem, the online equivalent of a department store but with added video, music, gaming and reading services. Its relentless focus on price and service/fulfilment has proved a popular proposition for Italian consumers and it continues to add products and services to its portfolio, using Prime membership benefits as a key driver. Our research finds it is ubiquitous in Italy now but that there are concerns among some consumers that shopping with Amazon may contribute to physical stores closing. We believe there are still opportunities for Amazon to grow its revenues in the country by introducing complementary services and at the same time to partner with store-based retailers to tap into their offline inventories and help to alleviate shoppers’ concerns about the consequences to the high street of shopping online."

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