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“Appetite for clothing has dropped dramatically since the first lockdown and will be dealt a further blow with the second national lockdown during peak trading season, making it one of the hardest-hit retail sectors in 2020. As online shopping for fashion increases and the shift away from stores creates a longer-lasting legacy, this will accelerate the pace of digitisation of the clothing retail sector. Retailers that are able to be agile and flexible in order to adapt to the new reality are most likely to succeed.”

– Tamara Sender Ceron, Senior Fashion Analyst

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“COVID-19 will introduce even more ethical indicators that need to be appropriately dealt with, particularly when it comes to the treatment of staff, vulnerable members of society or NHS workers. But while retailers have increased their ethical activity over recent years, it is important to note that those with strongest heritage in this area are most readily recognised for their efforts, like The Body Shop, Lush and the Co-op. Brands should seek to push new ethical initiatives in the short term, but will need to recognise that it may take longer for these actions to filter through into consumer consciousness.”

– Richard Hopping, Senior Brand and Household Analyst

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