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“The 2021 Retail Rankings paints a picture of the retail sector that went into lockdown. It helps to put into context the businesses which have failed, such as Debenhams, Arcadia and Aurora. Their share of retail sales was relatively low (they rank at 30 or under in the Ranking), but their share of outlets is far greater at over a quarter of the totals identified in their particular sector. The Rankings shows the growing strength of the online retailers and will be the benchmark to assess the state of retailing as it emerges from lockdown in 2021 and 2022.”

– Neil Mason, Retail Category Director

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“Amazon Fresh and it’s Just Walk Out Shopping lives up to its promise, feeling truly like no other shopping experience. However, what is most surprising is that Fresh is not just a technological show, but a top-tier modern convenience store that can go toe-to-toe with rivals on the basics of retailing.”

- Nick Carroll, Associate Director - Retail

Key issues covered in the report

  • Analyst comment - Amazon Fresh - More than meets the eye
  • An overview of the latest UK retail sales – Impact of COVID-19

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