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“The footwear sector picked up in 2019 after a tough 2018. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 will have a significant and lasting impact on the sector. The category was previously geared towards the in-store experience, but since lockdown many of the leading retailers have announced significant numbers of store closures. Instead, the focus has moved to upping the online offering and recreating some of the in-store experience in a virtual setting. Demand for branded and sports footwear is likely to pick up as people turn to well-known products in times of uncertainty, but the mid-market segment will have to adapt and show a true point of differentiation to stay relevant.”

– Chana Baram, Senior Retail Analyst

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“COVID-19 will have a profound impact on the furniture market, both in the loss of sales in 2020, and in the far-reaching legacy impact of changing shopping behaviours. There are opportunities in this landscape, however, not least in the boost to office furniture with increased working from home, while the redirection of demand online is sure to open avenues of growth for online-only and well-equipped multichannel retailers.”

– Marco Amasanti, Retail Analyst

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