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“Garden product retailing continues to evolve with the loss of market leader, Wyevale, from the garden sector being balanced out by the expansion of a number of other aspirational chains such as Dobbies, British Garden Centres and Blue Diamond. Going forward those operating outside of the horticulture market continue to capture consumer interest with the COVID-19 crisis likely to hasten alternative methods of retailing such as home delivery, click and collect and shopping online.”

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“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact consumer behaviour, creating many challenges for retailers in a variety of sectors. As non-essential stores gradually reopen in most European countries while having to enforce social distancing in-store, there are a number of opportunities for retailers to partly offset the decrease in sales they have experienced. While some attempt to strengthen their online presence, others are focusing on innovations and the use of technology to keep consumers engaged and encourage them to spend.”

Armando Falcao, European Retail Analyst

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