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"The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and more people returning to in-store shopping has dented ecommerce growth, but online purchasing still remains above pre-pandemic level and the sector is still outperforming the Spanish retail market as a whole. It is forecast to continue to do so over the coming years, as the online habit sticks, fuelled largely by the wider range of brands online than when shopping in-store."

- Stephen Mayles, Retail Analyst

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"The online retailing market surprised many people in 2021 by continuing to record strong growth even after opening restrictions on stores were removed. This growth was driven mainly by higher spending and came despite our consumer research for this report showing many sectors seeing a decline in purchasing penetration compared to the previous year. But 2022 is going to see a slowdown, not exclusive to online retailing but something which will affect many sectors of retail, due to the cost of living crisis. With their lower cost bases, this might be easier for online-only retailers to weather, so it is up to omnichannel retailers to leverage their store estates to deliver superior levels of service and features to their customers in order to retain them for the long term."

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