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“The COVID-19 outbreak has the potential to turbo-charge the online retailing industry in Italy, though this depends on the customer’s experience of individual retailers’ services. Amazon is likely to have been a big winner due to its already high levels of penetration and its focus on non-food segments, with non-food retailers most impacted by the outbreak. But – mainly for cultural reasons – the Italian market remains underdeveloped relative to other major European nations.”

– Michael Oliver, Senior Retail Analyst

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“COVID-19 has accelerated and brought forward existing trends in the French online retail sector, such as home delivery of groceries, and has expanded participation to include many new customers. The digital world has certainly worked to ease confinement; helping people to feed themselves, work remotely and stay in touch with loved ones. Grocery retailers responded promptly with initiatives to boost access to online shopping and as the high street struggles to adjust to the ‘next normal’, e-commerce will be of paramount importance for all retailers.”

– Natalie Macmillan, Senior European Retail Analyst

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