Mintel Reports provides robust insight and recommendations based on in-depth market study

New business development is all about knowing your customers, seeing the coming market trends and finding the white space in which you can innovate and stand out from the crowd.

Mintel Reports gives you that edge. It helps you find the right opportunities and the strategies to take them.

We give you the critical market information you need to support new business development. Fast access to market share, market size and forecasts. Robustly tested, rigorously assessed.

Our consumer research can tell you where the market is heading, and about the coming trends that will shape its future. So you can see where the spaces are, work out where you can win.

And forewarned is forearmed. We're focused on results, on exploring objectively the reasons for the success and failure of previous product launches. We can show you best practice, help you avoid the same mistakes.

About Mintel

We are Mintel. We are your eyes and ears in the markets that matter. The insights behind your next big idea. Your fingers on the pulse of innovation. Your interpreters of consumer trends.