What you need to know

Whilst sales in the household paper products market benefit from some insulation due to the essential nature of the toilet tissue sub-category, values sales of household paper products have continued to decline in recent years, falling 1.4% between 2014-15, to £1.41 billion.

Whilst the essential nature of products in this market means that consumers are likely to always be heavily influenced by price, brands can breathe new life into the category by further investing in NPD, encouraging consumers to trade up to added-value products.

Products covered in this report

The UK household paper products market comprises three basic product types:

  • Toilet tissue

  • Kitchen towels

  • Facial tissues.

Moistened or scent-impregnated varieties of toilet and facial tissues are included, as are recycled versions of all three varieties.

Paper napkins/serviettes are not included in market sizes but are included under new product launches (Mintel GNPD) and consumer research on household paper products.


Other kitchen cleaning and wiping products such as dishcloths are excluded, as are specialised products for specific use, such as baby wipes.

Sales of paper products for use on industrial and commercial premises are also excluded.

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