What you need to know

The gaming market will be flooded with new hardware and services in 2020. However, old habits die hard for dedicated gamers who still want to buy individual game titles one at a time or for casual gamers who play free puzzle games on their smartphones to pass the time. Growth in spending on gaming will be driven by its fervent fan base before nontraditional gaming demographics invest more heavily in video games.


This Report highlights emerging trends in video gaming, how they will impact gamers and the gaming world in 2020, and opportunities for brands. This includes discussions of devices, software, gaming retail, emerging technology and how consumers are viewing gameplay.

Mintel defines video games as electronic games played on dedicated consoles, computers, mobile devices, and handheld gaming systems.

The analysis in this Report builds on Mintel’s Attitudes Toward Gaming – US, March 2019 and June 2018 Report of the same title. Readers may be interested in other forthcoming titles from Mintel’s Sports and Gaming library scheduled for publication in 2020 that will expand on the impact of fandom on gaming and non-gaming brands alike. Please contact your account manager for more detail.

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