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The UK leisure sector continues to enjoy healthy growth and is valued to be worth £111 billion in 2019. The live music sector has earned the position of fastest-growing leisure segment, jumping 6% since 2018.

Consumers are seeking opportunities to save time in their busy lives. This, combined with innovation in digital technologies, has led to renewed interest in at-home leisure activities. Quality food delivery/takeaway options and virtual exercise classes are proving popular.

Experiences that are novel and challenging continue to attract consumers. This is a key driver behind the rise of the music concerts and festivals sector, which has grown by 36% in value in the last five years. New competitive socialising formats are also tapping into the ‘experience economy’ while also providing opportunities to learn something new. Escape rooms, shuffleboard and crazy golf are prime examples.

Consumers have never had so many options to enjoy in their leisure time. Although concern for excessive technology use is in the spotlight, the most innovative brands are utilising tech to reach new audiences at-home. Operators must decide whether to take this route, or to make their offer unique enough that consumers will happily leave the couch.

Products covered in this Report

This Report covers the UK leisure industry.

Mintel’s market size is based on consumer expenditure within the following sectors:

  • Eating/drinking (including dine in and takeaway/home delivery): including restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops, roadside catering, hotel catering, pubs/bars, nightclubs

  • Health and fitness activities: sports participation, private health and fitness clubs and public leisure centres/swimming pools

  • Live entertainment: music concerts and festivals, performing arts and spectator sports

  • Gambling: land-based gambling and online gaming and betting

  • Other leisure activities: visitor attractions, cinemas and tenpin bowling

Other leisure markets/activities are discussed throughout this Report such as competitive socialising concepts (eg escape rooms, crazy golf). This edition also includes consumer research on participation in leisure activities conducted at home such as watching TV and online workouts.

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