What you need to know

Several key players in the MULO BPC accessories market have struggled due to increased competition, with niche brands capturing a larger share of the market. The purchase drivers of bath and shower accessories are moving from a functional approach toward added benefits focused on wellness, helping to drive resurgence in the segment. Makeup brushes are stagnating due to long purchase cycles and the majority of women owning a limited repertoire of products. To engage with consumers, brands must offer multitasking options and include eco-friendly claims. Lastly, while most consumers still stick to basic hair accessories over trendy options, brands can boost sales with on-trend styles and influencer collaborations.


For the purposes of this Report, the beauty and personal care accessories market has been segmented as follows:

  • Hair accessories – Combs/brushes, hair holders, bobby/hair pins, headbands

  • Bath, soap and shower accessories – Bath sponges/poufs, loofahs, bath brushes, bath mitts/gloves

  • Makeup accessories – Eyelash curlers, makeup sponges/blenders, makeup brushes, makeup brush cleaners, cosmetics storage

The following are excluded from this Report: Electrical beauty devices (ie hair appliances, cleansing brushes).

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