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Black moms accept primary responsibility for all aspects of their children’s lives – from household management to their education and entertainment. She is the breadwinner in her home out of necessity, and the sacrifices she makes now drive her to redirect her dreams toward herself in the future. But for now, her main concern is instilling a sense of happiness, positive imagery and resilience in her children as they face bias now and certainly in the future.


This Report discusses Black moms’ attitudes and behaviors regarding their role and responsibility in their homes, their perceptions on Black moms’ media advertising images, their children’s education and the dreams for their lives and their children. Black moms are compared to all moms in the general population where noted.

In the Mintel consumer data referenced, moms are defined as female internet users aged 18+ who are parent/guardian to at least one child under the age of 18 in the household. Moms are defined differently in market data derived from the US Census Bureau (typically women aged 15-50 who have given birth).

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