What you need to know

Loyalty program membership continues to grow, even as many programs struggle to keep current members actively participating. With so much competing for their attention, consumers have no patience for programs that are complex, confusing or time-consuming. Yet, well-executed loyalty programs can be a powerful tool to drive customer engagement and harness the power of data-driven marketing.

In the retail landscape, Amazon is changing not just how people shop, but also what they expect from loyalty programs. Flexibility and personalization are emerging as the keys to making loyalty programs relevant and effective.


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

A loyalty program is defined as a customer reward program that is offered by a business as an incentive for continued patronage and frequent purchases. Rewards are generally in the form of points, discounts, special offers, rebates or other prizes.

Retailer loyalty programs are the main focus of this Report, though other sectors such as travel, foodservice and finance are also discussed.

This Report builds on Mintel’s Retailer Loyalty Programs – US, April 2017, as well as the July 2016, July 2015 and July 2014 Reports of the same title.

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