What you need to know

The first aid category has seen a dip in value in 2015, driven by a decline in NPD as well as a fall in recorded advertising spend. However, with high consumer interest in innovations in the plasters/bandages segment and recent research into smart technology particularly in bandages, the category could see growth driven by product development.

In addition, as consumers tend to buy when needed rather than plan purchases ahead of time, the retail environment could also be optimised to encourage spending.

Products covered in this report

This report covers the UK consumer market for first aid products, including products in the following categories:

  • antiseptic creams, sprays and wipes

  • antiseptic liquids/disinfectants, for personal use

  • bandages (support bandages, crêpe and cotton bandages and finger stalls)

  • adhesive plasters and dressings, including blister treatments

  • burn treatments

  • sting and bite relief products

  • first aid kits.

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