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Black moms control the purse strings of the more than $1 trillion buying power in the Black community. Although the majority of Black moms are single – giving her sole decision-making authority in many Black households – married moms are also likely to be primary decision makers for many things in married couple households. While moms may make the ultimate call on purchases, her children influence what she buys because she wants them to provide them with the things she may not have had while growing up. In the home, she’s the queen of her castle and runs a tight ship – brands play a significant role from helping her to maintain a clean home to providing ways for her to monitor her children’s activities.


This report provides a picture of perceptions and attitudes of Black moms to understand how they make purchase decisions for their families and children.

For the purposes of this report, moms are defined as female parents or guardians of children younger than 18 living in the home.

This is one of many reports that Mintel has produced on marketing to moms. Readers may also be interested in Mintel’s Marketing to Moms – US, September 2015, Marketing to Hispanic Moms – US, September 2015, and Marketing to Asian Moms – US, September 2015.

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