Mintel Reports is a unique resource, offering access to hundreds of consumer market and industry reports worldwide.

Our consumer market reports are built on exclusive primary research that enables us to identify the key trends - for today and tomorrow - in the way people choose, spend, think and react in the key segments of every industry we cover.

Alongside that, our analysts draw on a wide range of published and exclusive sources of financial data to give you the numbers that matter in each market: size, segments, shares.

Our industry reports publish annually, but we're across them every single day, watching for the product launches and service innovations that will open new sectors or give fresh impetus to market growth.

We do that because context is king. Our analysts don't look at consumer research or market data in isolation; they put it all together to identify the sweet spots those innovations will hit, how behavioural change will impact on spend.

That enables us to produce the insights and recommendations you can take from our consumer market reports and feed directly into your business planning.

Mintel Reports is not just about numbers, trends, innovations. It's all about what they mean - individually, together and in the wider context of technological, social and cultural change.

The market knowledge Mintel analysts bring to Mintel Reports has been built up over years of tracking the industries they cover. And it is added to on a daily basis as they continually seek out new products, new campaigns, new ideas.