Mintel Reports provides robust insight and recommendations based on in-depth market study

The market knowledge Mintel analysts bring to Mintel reports has been built up over years of tracking the industries they cover. And it is added to on a daily basis as they continually seek out new products, new campaigns, new ideas.

They know the numbers, the consumers, the movers and the shakers, but it is their analysis of that data and those trends that makes Mintel Reports essential reading.

Our analysts are specialists in their fields but are generalists too: they are tuned in to all the wider social, cultural and technological shifts that can act as external influences on the future shapes and opportunities of those markets.

They are collaborationists also, working collectively to share trends and innovations, to join the dots between the disparate trends they see.

And they are accessible. In what they write and how they can advise you. Succinct analysis, smartly presented. Expert advice, available when you need it.

But most of all, they are insightful. Mintel Reports analysis is focused not just on describing what is happening today and predicting what will happen tomorrow, but on showing you what it all means for your business. Where the opportunities lie. What are the challenges ahead. How you can respond to them.

Mintel Reports is a unique resource, offering access to hundreds of consumer market and industry reports worldwide.

Mintel Reports is not just about numbers, trends, innovations. It's all about what they mean - individually, together and in the wider context of technological, social and cultural change.

Gabrielle heads up the social media team in the US, leading the initiative toward further growth and development of the social media offering at Mintel. She identifies trends in online consumer behavior and provides insight on how consumers use social media to interact with brands and influence purchase decisions. Gabrielle previously worked as a researcher at Crain’s Chicago Business, where she also built the newspaper’s social media foundation. She holds a BS in Fashion Marketing from Woodbury University and a MSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.
Michael first joined Mintel in 1981, working in the Information Library before moving on to write for the company's journals, specialising in Leisure. In 1986 Michael went freelance and wrote and researched reports for Mintel across Leisure, Food and Drink and Retail. Since returning to the Mintel fold in 2009 Michael has specialised in Leisure and Media.
Neil manages the teams that produce the European Retail Reports. Neil joined Mintel in 1995 and previously worked as Head of Fashion/Beauty and Personal Care/Household, and Head of UK Retail. Before joining Mintel, he worked in the food and publishing industries. He has a BSc in Business Studies/Marketing.
Richard comments to the national and trade press on retail and consumer issues,advises clients,writes retail reports, presents webinars and maintains the retail databases. Richard joined Mintel in 1999 and previously headed the Retail team, overseeing the content and strategy of the retail reports. Before joining Mintel, he worked as a City analyst and as a journalist. He has a BSc in Maths and an MSc in Management Science.