What you need to know

Travel is playing an increasing role in the celebration of special occasions and life events. Some 54% of consumers have taken a holiday to mark a special occasion over the past five years. ‘Big birthdays’ and anniversaries are the most popular reasons, but new opportunities are emerging. Compared with an average break, consumers are likely to travel further and stay longer when going on holiday to mark a special occasion. There is strong and growing demand for multi-generational trips and luxury travel.

Covered in this Report

Holidays refer to overnight trips of at least one night made for leisure purposes. Trips for the purpose of visiting friends and family, business or other purposes are excluded. Data on the size of the domestic market is for Great Britain rather than the United Kingdom (ie Northern Ireland is not included), sourced from GBTS. Data for the overseas market is for the United Kingdom, sourced from IPS.

Special occasions include birthdays, relationship anniversaries, honeymoons, stag/hen celebrations, renewal of weddings vows, educational achievements, new job/work promotions, retirement and pregnancy/giving birth.

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