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With more delivery options than ever before, Americans can enjoy their favorite restaurant meals without even leaving their homes. And these new and unique ways of ordering are chipping away at actual restaurant visitation, fueled by the explosive growth of third-party delivery companies and continuing operator investment in their own ordering platforms. Younger consumers, Gen Zs in particular, are now dining more off-premise than on-premise, an indication that the delivery occasion shows no sign of slowing. Operators must adapt and invest in their online ordering platforms or risk becoming irrelevant.


This Report covers the use of/attitudes surrounding restaurant delivery and pickup in general as well as third-party delivery companies. It covers changes in the restaurant online ordering market including third-party delivery companies’ operations and marketing campaigns. While pizza restaurant delivery is covered in the Report, pizza restaurants are not the focus of this Report. In addition, while mobile order pickup is touched on in this Report and included in the definition of “pickup” (see below), it is not a focus of this Report.

This Report mentions companies that offer delivery of items other than restaurant food (eg Postmates, Uber); however, this Report only focuses on the restaurant portion of delivery companies.

This Report builds off of Foodservice Online Ordering and Delivery – US, November 2018.

The following terms are used throughout the Report:

  • Pickup: Refers to orders placed online, through an app or over the phone and picked up directly by the customer at the restaurant. This includes not only takeout and curbside to-go orders but also mobile order pickup.

  • Third-party delivery company: Refers to any company that delivers meals from a restaurant to the consumer or enables pickup through online or mobile app ordering. These companies typically partner with restaurants and provide a platform (eg website, app) from which consumers can order food. Once the consumer orders food online, it is delivered by a contracted courier or can be picked up by the customer. Examples of these companies include Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, Caviar, DoorDash, Ritual and others.

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