What you need to know

Yogurt sales are beginning to fall as yogurt drinks take share from the spoonable segment and constant innovation in style and flavor leads to increased competition and consumer fatigue. Performance will be dependent on brands’ ability to align functional claims and positioning with consumers’ rapidly changing definition of “healthy.” Prioritizing products that focus on meeting nutritional expectations, and consolidating those that do not, have the potential to boost sales by lessening crowding, bringing new consumers to the market and increasing purchase incidence from existing buyers.


The scope of this Report includes both the spoonable yogurt and drinkable yogurt markets.

  • Spoonable yogurt is defined as yogurt sold in cups or tubes, and includes specific yogurt styles such as Greek, Icelandic, and non-dairy.

  • Yogurt drinks are defined as refrigerated and shelf-stable yogurt products in a liquid, drinkable form, including yogurt “smoothies,” kefir, and lassi.

Frozen yogurt is excluded from this Report. For information on frozen yogurt, please see Mintel’s Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties – US, May 2019.

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