What you need to know

The market size of bodycare (including bodycare, hand/nail care and footcare) has been steadily increasing in recent years, growing at a CAGR of 8.9% over 2015-19 to reach RMB10,159 million in 2019. The bodycare segment is the key growth driver with active product innovations around ingredients, benefits and formats, etc – especially following trends of facial skincare. Young females aged 20-39 have largely contributed to the strong consumer demand, and the men’s segment is also worth developing.

Covered in this Report

The bodycare market covers hand, foot and general bodycare products. General bodycare comprises exfoliates/scrubs; moisturisers/hydrators; and slimming/anti-cellulite/firming products. Hand and nail comprises hand moisturisers and anti-aging products; and nail nourishers and cuticle creams. Footcare comprises creams/balms/wipes.

Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. It includes mass-market and prestige lines but excludes the professional sector, including beauty salons.

The market excludes depilatories and bleaches, talcum powder, nail polish/varnish/colour cosmetics, foot deodorants/talc/insoles, medicated, products specifically for babies, suncare (even if they have moisturisers), and massage/calming oils.

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