What you need to know

The smart home is an all-encompassing term to capture the increasing trend of connected devices in the home. Consumers have more household functions available with the touch of a button or a call to a digital personal assistant. There are numerous options to incorporate smart or connected technology at home, spanning from home security to interior décor, and consumer trends are pointing towards an even more connected home in the future. Companies in the space need to understand the various motivations for consumers to incorporate smart technology or be left behind in a rapidly evolving industry.


This Report will examine the smart home market, top brands in the space, consumer smart home behaviors, consumer perception of smart homes, and consumer attitudes toward smart homes.

This Report includes, but is not limited to, smart home hardware and services, including climate control, water management, home security, lighting, entertainment, cleaning, cooking, and home monitoring. Smart TVs are not included.

Smart home products are defined as those that satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Electronic devices that communicate between themselves within the home;

  • Devices that can be remotely monitored/controlled using an app or website;

  • Devices that adjust operation based on observed behavior.

Readers may also be interested in Mintel’s Smart Homes – US, June 2018, as well as the January 2017 and April 2016 Reports of the same title.

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