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The lawn and garden products market is on the rise in an improving economy as more consumers engage in discretionary projects to improve their outdoor living space. In addition, consumers are viewing lawn and garden care as an enjoyable activity with benefits rather than a chore. While a stable and improving economy and housing market points to future market growth, consumers will continue to take a price-driven approach to shopping for lawn and garden products. Going forward, creative and affordable projects, safe and healthy products, and ergonomic garden designs that are suitable for any size living space may help continue growth and appeal to a range of consumers.


This Report includes information related to lawn and garden products, services, and equipment, as well as consumer activities.

For the purposes of this Report, DIY lawn/garden activities refer to work done directly by consumers, while paid lawn/garden projects refer to work done only by residential professional lawn/garden service providers, not commercial.

  • Lawn projects may include activities such as lawn maintenance (eg lawn mowing, grass cutting), lawn planting/seeding, lawn renovation (eg replacing turf with new grass without changing the grade), and the use of lawn fertilizers and chemicals.

  • Gardening activities may include fruit or vegetable gardening (any types of formats including hydroponic, container, or outdoor), container gardening, native plant gardening (plants specific to respondents’ area), hardscaping (eg building walls, patio areas), exotic plant gardening, and hydroponic/water/aqua gardening.

The Market includes US sales of the following lawn and garden products:

  • Lawn and garden products such as indoor houseplants, lawn fertilizers, flowers, flower bulbs, fruit trees, raised garden beds, planters and accessories, lawn insect control, grass and weed killers, grass seed, growing berries, etc.

Please note that lawn and garden equipment, which includes tools, hardware, supplies, and lawnmower, and lawn and garden services such as garden maintenance, lawn mowing, lawn seeding, and turf installation are included in the Consumer sections but not in the Market.

Mintel also created two lawn and garden segments which are defined as follows:

  • Gardening Enthusiast – those that at least occasionally participate in lawn and garden care, like or love caring for their lawn and garden, and have at least intermediate lawn and garden skills.

  • Gardening Non-enthusiast – those that never participate in lawn and garden care, either dislike or don’t mind caring for their lawn and garden, and have no or basic lawn and garden skills.

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