What you need to know

Although growth in the nail care and color market has slowed since 2013, interest in gel polish manicures, nail treatments, and more natural nail care represent key opportunities. Effective outreach to Millennials, moms, and Hispanics via product offerings, digital technology, and targeted marketing can help revitalize the market.


This report covers the US market for nail color and care products and includes products specifically intended for use on the nails, not the hands or other parts of the body. Mintel defines the nail color and care market as follows:

• Nail polish

• Nail accessories and implements (ie, nail files, clippers, and trimmers)

• Nail treatments (ie, nail strengtheners, ridge fillers, top coats, base coats)

• Artificial nails and accessories (ie, press-on nails, nail tips)

• Nail polish removers (includes both acetone and non-acetone polish removers)

Salon nail services are excluded from the market size, segment performance, and brand sections of this report but are covered in the consumer and market perspective sections.

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