Renewable Energy - UK - October 2016
Renewable Energy - UK - October 2016

“The recent rapid expansion of the renewables sector is set to slow in percentage terms following a series of policy changes, including subsidy cuts, and the transition from the Renewable Obligation (RO) support scheme to the less generous Contracts for Difference (CfD) mechanism. More established technologies, such as solar PV and onshore wind, are most severely affected by recent policy changes, with the deployment of these technologies expected to slow ...

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Executive Summary
Key Insights
UK Economy
Market Factors
Market Size Overview
Wind Generation
Shoreline Wave/Tidal Generation
Photovoltaic Generation
Hydro Generation
Bioenergy Electricity Generation
Electricity Usage
Company Profiles
A Shade Greener
Biogen (UK)
First Hydro Company
Good Energy Group
Elios Renewable Energy (Formerly Lightsource Renewable Energy)
Scottishpower Renewables
Solar Century
Tamar Energy
Vatenfall Wind Power
Vestas-Celtic Wind Technology
Western Bio-Energy
Further Sources & Contacts