“Haircare is the top beauty and personal care category in terms of new product launches in Brazil. Well-known brands of shampoo, conditioners, and hairstyling products operating in the country show steady performances in the market, and consumers are on the lookout for innovative and higher value-added products.”
– Juliana Martins, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

This report will answer the following key questions:

  • What types of haircare products are increasingly being used by Brazilian consumers?

  • Does the use of treatment products improve how consumers feel about their hair?

  • Can seasonal products – designed to be used during specific seasons of the year – attract Brazilian consumers?

  • What are the international trends in the haircare category that could also be appealing to Brazilian consumers?


This report covers haircare products for men and women, as well as unisex products. Market data is based on sales in all retail channels, including direct sales to consumers, but it excludes the professional sector (products sold in beauty salons).

Market data includes:

  • Shampoos: regular rinse-out shampoo, 2-in-1 shampoo, 3-in-1 shampoo, shampoo for afro/ethnic hair, shampoo for men, antidandruff shampoo, medicated shampoo, problem hair;

  • Conditioners: leave-in, rinse-out, treatment masks;

  • Hairstyling products (eg, mousse, gel, spray, wax, etc).

The following haircare segments were included in the consumer section:

  • Rinse-out shampoo;

  • Dry or leave-in shampoo;

  • Rinse-out or leave-in conditioners;

  • Hair treatments or masks/lotions;

  • Hair oil (eg, argan oil, maleluca oil);

  • Hairspray, gel, mousse and foam;

  • Professional products (sold in beauty salons);

  • Heat protection products;

  • Hair serum.

The following products are excluded from this report: hair colorants.


BB cream Beauty Balm
CC cream Color Control
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
DD cream Daily Defense
GNPD Global New Products Database
IBGE Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
IPI Imposto sobre Produto Industrializado (Tax on Industrialized Products)
MMS Mintel Market Sizes
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