What you need to know

In line with the growth seen over the last two years, value sales are expected to continue to increase by 1% in 2019, reaching £301 million. As a needs-based market, the growing population and the increase in numbers of families and households are keeping sales buoyant, while influencers have taken away some of the price focus that pervades purchasing habits.

Sustainability has yet to hit the cleaning equipment market to the same extent as other household categories. However, as consumers begin to review their behaviours in a holistic sense, the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning equipment will grow. Brands will need to do more to close the gap that currently exists between this market and the rest of the household care sector.

Products covered in this Report

The Report examines the retail market for household cleaning equipment, including the following product categories:

  • Cleaning cloths, sponges and wipes

  • Scouring products, including washing-up tools

  • Gloves, including household, disposable and tough gloves

  • Dusters, including dusting sticks, traditional, microfibre and disposable dusters

  • Floor cleaning, including mops, floor kits (including refills), buckets/wringers, brooms, scrubbing brushes, and dustpan and brushes.

This market definition excludes disposable wipes and antibacterial cleaning wipes, which are covered in Mintel’s Toilet and Hard Surface Care – UK, March 2020 Report.

In addition, whilst this Report makes references to attitudes towards and usage of electrical floor cleaning equipment (such as vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners), these are not included in the market sizing information.

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