Jigsaw launches its Repair Rewear service
Source: Mintel 24-01-2023

UK 24-01-2023

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Jigsaw has expanded its circular fashion concept Jigsaw Forever with the launch of its in-house Repair Rewear service in an effort to “encourage better practices in retail and fashion consumption”.

Launching later this month, Repair Rewear will incorporate “rental, resale, repair and responsible craftsmanship”, breathing new life into preloved Jigsaw pieces. The service will be free of charge for one year from purchase date, after which a small fee will be charged for any repair. This follows the opening of a pop-up shop in Jigsaw Kensington High Street store as part of its partnership with MyWardrobeHQ, offering a curated selection of pre-loved and archive Jigsaw garments.

Mintel comment:

“Jigsaw’s new Repair Rewear service validates that retailers are seeing a sense of urgency in incorporating alternative retail models into their businesses, both to tap into the rising pre-loved trend and to show they are making an effort to become more sustainable. The increasing popularity of buying second-hand clothing, with Mintel’s Clothing Retailing Europe, 2022 report showing almost one-third (31%) of British consumers, one of the highest in Europe, have purchased second-hand clothes and that more than a quarter would be interested in doing so in the future, demonstrates the considerable potential for growth in this area. Mintel Fashion & Sustainability – UK, 2022 report confirms that there is a shift occurring in the way people consume fashion, with an increase in buying second-hand, reselling unwanted items and repairing, as well as rewearing items for different occasions, particularly among women and Gen Zs. Younger Millennials in particular are also being driven by a trend for vintage pieces, with 64% agreeing that it is trendy to buy pre-loved fashion. While the boom in second-hand fashion is being incentivised by growing awareness of the environment, it is also driven by a growing need to cut back on spending and save money and the cost-of-living crisis will increase demand for the resale model.”