Deliveroo extends LloydsPharmacy tie-up to 150 stores
Source: Mintel 22-06-2022

UK 22-06-2022

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Deliveroo has expanded its LloydsPharmacy partnership, with some of the retailer's best selling healthcare products available for delivery in under 30 minutes from around 150 stores. The scheme first started in response to the pandemic in early 2020 with 50 products available from 40 stores.

Deliveroo’s chief business officer Carlo Mocci said: “LloydsPharmacy has provided a vital service throughout the pandemic and ordering from Deliveroo meant people who were self-isolating could have medication delivered to their doors.” Keith Burch, chief retail officer at LloydsPharmacy added: “We’re committed to improving patient care, giving them greater choice and control as to how, where, and when they access care and medicines. The extension of our partnership with Deliveroo plays an important role in that mission.”

Mintel comment:

“The expansion of Deliveroo’s partnership with LloydsPharmacy demonstrates how both brands believe that consumers will continue to value the ease that quick deliveries have provided during the pandemic despite the relaxation of restrictions and a return to in-person shopping.

This is a reasonable belief, in Mintel’s latest COVID-19 Tracker in May we note that almost a quarter (24%) of consumers are still limiting the time they spend in-store and a third (33%) are shopping more online since the pandemic. The surge in online retail experienced during the pandemic is here to stay one way or another.

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to quick delivery services, however, and it is the cost. With inflation reaching record highs, consumers are tightening their belts and cutting back on unnecessary spending. In Mintel’s Consumer Confidence Tracker for May we note that some 28% of consumers reported that their financial situation was “tight”, “struggling” or “in trouble”. With no immediate respite in sight, retailers looking to offer extra convenience at an extra premium will have to be aware of the financial pressures currently placed on many UK consumers.”