Pets at Home launches PETiquette
Source: Mintel 21-10-2021

UK 21-10-2021

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Pets at Home has launched a new service called PETitiquette for companies wanting to welcome dogs in the workplace. The programme outlines guidelines to make sure the dogs are kept safe and to help staff feel comfortable with their presence. The retailer said it launched the new service in response to more people getting pets during the pandemic with many adjusting to going back into offices and more companies offering flexible working practices.

Jane Beresford, group director of people partnering at Pets at Home, said: “There can be many benefits to having dogs in the office, including the links to boosting morale and promoting positive mental health. There are also advantages for our pets, who have become used to having their owners at home over the pandemic. But going ‘dog friendly’ should not be a quick decision and that is why we have created our PETiquette guide, so that employers can create the best environment for both their people and pets.”

Mintel comment:

“There is naturally a commercial element to this move by Pets at Home, with working life a key barrier to many consumers acquiring pets for the first time. However it is also a campaign that will chime with many consumers, particularly those who have acquired pets during the lockdown.

Data from Mintel’s upcoming Pet Food – UK, 2021 shows that 57% of UK consumers own a pet, with 30% of these acquiring additional pets since lockdown and 12% becoming pet owners for the first time. This is a significant increase, and as working life comes back to a more ‘normal’ level this will leave many consumers in a difficult place between pet care and work.

Pets at Home has invested in Tailster, a petcare specialist, to ease this transition and longer-term there is a clear opportunity for both this service to grow and for barriers to be broken down around pets at work, leaving Pets at Home with a greater pool of potential customers.”