Naked Wines revenues up 80% for first half
Source: Mintel 20-11-2020

UK 20-11-2020

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In the 26 weeks to September 28, 2020 Naked Wines reported a 80% rise in revenues to £157.1 million. The growth was boosted by customers ordering wines online for delivery amidst lockdown.

Chief executive Nick Devlin said: “We have delivered exceptional growth and a permanent step change in scale and efficiency for the organisation. We have a business today that is not only larger, but structurally improved and ideally positioned to deliver sustained growth in the coming years. Ultimately the most significant impact of COVID-19 on Naked Wines is not found in these interim results, but in the way it has accelerated the growth of the online wine category and increased consumer willingness to trial a new and better way to buy wine.”