Co-op launched in-app member pricing on UberEats
Source: Mintel 12-02-2024

UK 12-02-2024

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Co-op debuts in-app member pricing for shoppers using Uber Eats app, marking a first for UK supermarkets.The convenience retailer will now have 250 products on the app where shoppers can enter their membership number at the checkout and receive exclusive pricing. This new initiative follows Co-op’s partnership with Uber Eats in 2022, boasting nearly 1,000 of its products on the app.

Mintel comment:

“This is a very notable move from the Co-op and Uber Eats. While the specialist rapid delivery sector has seen consolidation and challenges over the past year, third-party, such as UberEats, and major retailers own services, such as Tesco Whoosh, have continued to expand and see buy-in from consumers.

While directly operating a service like Whoosh allows Tesco full control, for smaller retailers the need to partner with third-parties can mean that services feel less-fully fledged than either their own online services or in-store shopping. Member/loyalty pricing is a key area of disparity between channels, as for shoppers this makes a material difference to the price at checkout, both in terms of comparing ways to shop a retailer but also when comparing differing retailers on third-party apps. So for the Co-op and UberEats to collaborate on solving this issue is a notable step forward. For UberEats it also, at present, the ability to integrate member/loyalty pricing also makes it unique in a market where courting retail brands onto such services is becoming increasingly competitive. This is an area we will explore in much more detail in Mintel's upcoming Online Grocery Retailing - UK, 2024.”