The Original Factory Shop launches home delivery for the first time
Source: Mintel 21-07-2020

UK 21-07-2020

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Value retailer The Original Factory Shop is trialling a free home delivery service from five of its 166 stores for customers within a 10 mile radius of these stores if they spend over £35. Those who spend less than £35 have to pay a small delivery fee.

The service is primarily aimed at customers in the community who are still shielding from the COVID-19 virus. Deliveries are made by local taxi companies from the stores’ local areas.

Mintel comment:

“Businesses like The Original Factory Shop (TOFS), which only operate stores and have no online presence, will have been hit the hardest by the lockdown and so it is imperative that they explore all options for trying to bring trading back up to pre-lockdown levels as soon as possible. Men’s and women’s clothing is an important part of the TOFS product mix and our latest COVID-19 tracker research covering the period 9th-15th July found that 57% of Britons would be somewhat or extremely uncomfortable trying on clothing/footwear in-store (rising to 67% among over-55s), while 41% would be somewhat or extremely uncomfortable handling/touching products in-store (rising to 49% among over-55s). Therefore, it makes sense for the company to try and reach out to elderly and vulnerable customers in this way. Even if it decides that, on a long-term basis, offering such a service is unsustainable, it is important to try and make a bid to maintain these customers’ loyalty while they are still reluctant to venture into stores.”