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In 2018 the long-haul holiday market outperformed the short-haul segment in terms of volume growth. This was partly a result of Brits returning to the low cost destinations Tunisia and Egypt, which fall within the long-haul sector. However, holidays to destinations outside of Europe will come under pressure in the coming years amid rising demand for shorter breaks.

Short-haul holidaymakers are more price and time sensitive than those travelling outside of Europe. It is therefore vital that transport companies, accommodation providers and tour operators collaborate to create schedules that allow people to get the most out of their stay.

In general, destinations with favourable exchange rates and lower living costs are likely to prosper amid the low value of the Pound. Furthermore, there is huge potential to offer experiences in multiple places during one trip (ie multi-centre holidays) in both Europe and beyond.

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This Report examines the habits and attitudes of British holidaymakers concerning both long-haul and short-haul holidays. Long-haul refers to all holidays outside Europe, including holidays involving cruises. Short-haul refers to all holidays in Europe (excluding the UK). A holiday must constitute at least one overnight stay. The business travel market is not reviewed in this Report.

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