What you need to know

Adults recognize that sun exposure has a negative impact on the appearance of their skin, and the majority of adults use sunscreen, tanning products, or sunless tanners. However, the category continues to be challenged by seasonal use. Industry players are further challenged by competing personal care products that offer sun protection as an added benefit. While brands are challenged to combat seasonality, other protection claims (ie pollution, blue light), natural positioning, and multi-benefit products could encourage more regular, year-round usage.


For the purposes of this Report, the skin protection market is defined as follows:

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunless tanners

  • Suntan lotion and oil (includes lotions/oils for indoor tanning beds)

Beauty and personal care products, such as facial moisturizers and color cosmetics that include skin protection claims – SPF (sun protection factor], anti-pollution, blue light – are not included in the market size or sales data but are covered in the consumer analysis. This Report excludes:

  • After sun products

  • Insect repellents with sunscreen

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