What you need to know

Consumers are somewhat skeptical about diet products, and instead of purchasing traditional diet-specific products they are turning to a well-balanced diet and products that support it. This report identifies the attitudes and behaviors consumers have toward diets and weight management. It also seeks to uncover the types of diets that resonate with consumers, as well as opportunities for marketers in the weight management market. Knowing who to market diet products appropriately to can help brands in this space selectively merchandise and reach their target consumers.


For the purposes of this report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

“Diet” is defined as an eating or drinking regimen with the goal of losing or maintaining weight. Dieters are respondents who are currently trying or have ever tried to manage their weight by dieting. This report covers diet products that are used primarily for weight-control (weight loss and weight management).

Sales data for select brands of the following weight-control products is included:

  • Frozen meals

  • Weight-control tablets

  • Power/liquid nutritional supplements

  • Nutritional health bars

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