What you need to know

The excitement generated around women’s empowerment in recent years has provided marketers with many opportunities to craft engaging campaigns that celebrate the progressive rise in the status of women in society. However, there is evidence that it is time for them to revaluate their approach. Many women feel that advertisers have gone too far with gender politics and that their attempts at being inclusive are often seen as insincere. Indeed, certain brands have attached themselves to social movements with which their own corporate practices are not aligned with.

The rapid greying of the female population means that brands cannot afford to ignore or misrepresent older women in their campaigns. By 2024, one in three UK women will be over the age of 55. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the influential role that social media plays for younger women demonstrates just how important it is for marketers to develop effective social media strategies.

Marketers who are most in touch with the needs and wants of women will naturally be best positioned to engage them effectively. This Report uncovers what women’s key interests are, how they would most like to be perceived by others, as well as their views about gender in society and advertising. In addition, given the UK’s ongoing obesity problems, it explores what can be done to help encourage women to lead more healthy active lifestyles. The Report also reveals women’s interest and opinions about start-up brands, including an in-depth investigation into the food and drink sector.

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