Sainsbury’s to open pop-up giving away free frozen food
Source: Mintel 21-09-2022

UK 21-09-2022

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Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is launching ‘Sainsfreeze’, a pop-up store in London’s Boxpark Shoreditch giving away frozen groceries for free to prevent surplus food from going to waste and help people save money.

The groceries available at ‘Sainsfreeze’ include items Brits most commonly throw away as they are about to go off, including bread, eggs and milk as well as other commonly wasted items foods, such as bananas and herbs. Ruth Cranston, Sainsbury’s corporate responsibility and sustainability director, said: “Innovative freezing not only allows us to save food we would otherwise have thrown away, but also to buy reduced food close to its use-by date, saving even more money on the weekly grocery bill.”

Mintel comment:

“This new initiative from Sainsbury’s comes as the cost-of-living crisis deepens across the country. In Mintel’s British Household Confidence Tracker for August we noted that just 27% of consumers considered their current finances healthy and when looking at the year ahead, 29% were really worried or considered things already bad. As the UK enters autumn and then moves into winter we expect consumer finances to be stretched even further as people are forced to use expensive energy to heat their homes.

One way consumers can save money, and help the environment, is by cutting back on the amount of food they waste and even before the current income squeeze consumers were interested in schemes that would help them do this. In Mintel’s Supermarkets - UK - 2021 Report we noted that 59% of consumers said they were interested in services that helped them prevent/reduce food wastage and this rose to 75% for the 16-34 age group.

Sainsbury’s Sainsfreeze concept in trendy Shoreditch is clearly targeted at this demographic and is an example of Mintel Trend Popscape which tracks how retailers are using temporary retail spaces to experiment with new concepts. The retailer will be using this popup to draw attention to its attempts to cut waste as well as to understand consumer attitudes towards this sort of scheme. If it proves popular we should expect to see learnings from Sainsfreeze employed across the whole Sainsbury’s estate in the coming years.”