Galeries Lafayette reveals new B2B platform
Source: Mintel 21-09-2022

France 21-09-2022

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Galeries Lafayette, the French department store chain, has launched ‘Tailored Insights’, a new B2B platform that provides consumer insights for the retailer’s partner brands.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyse customer behaviours, the platform aims to allow brands to offer their customers a more personalised retail experience. ‘Tailored Insights’ is part of Galeries Lafayette’s omnichannel transformation, capitalising on its ecommerce customer base and network of stores around France.

Mintel comment:

“B2B initiatives of this kind in retail are multiplying because retail media represents an attractive new revenue stream. Among the pioneering retailers in France are Fnac Darty’s Retaillink, Carrefour Links and the Casino Group’s relevanC, but this is a first for a French department store retailer. Such schemes create a platform for retailers to leverage their wealth of customer data to enable advertisers to create targeted campaigns and for brands to better understand their customers and their buying behaviours. The retailer’s customers will also ultimately benefit from receiving more relevant content, leading to a better customer experience.”