What You Need to Know

Irish consumers continue to show a strong preference for chilled standard cow’s milk despite the growing popularity of non-dairy alternative products. This reflects that milk is an important source of vitamins within Irish consumers’ diets. However, with environmental reasons encouraging a growing number of Irish consumers to switch to milk alternatives, milk producers will need to highlight the steps that they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint to demonstrate their green credentials to increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

Issues covered in this Report

This Report covers the NI and RoI retail market for milk and milk alternatives to be consumed at home. The following types of milk and dairy alternatives are included in this Report:

White Milk: Fresh, ambient and powdered formats. Cow’s milk in all types including semi-skimmed, skimmed, etc, other animal milks such as goat’s milk, and non-dairy unflavoured plant-based milks (eg soya milk, almond milk).

Flavoured Milk: Flavoured animal and plant-based milks, milk flavourings (eg Nesquik, Crusha).

Non-dairy milk: Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk and any other plant-based milk product.

Please note that baby milk, fermented milk drinks, yogurt drinks and fruit juice smoothies that are made with milk/cream/yogurt where the dairy component is not the major constituent are excluded.

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