What you need to know

The air care category is very small in China, with value sales just exceeding RMB one billion in 2019. The slow progress of development is due to flat penetration in recent years, as consumer demand for odour control has reduced with living standards improving.

However, the category seems to have a positive shift away from being purely functional for eliminating odours, to be driven by wellbeing. This presents an opportunity for brands to broaden their appeal by offering products that help improve indoor air quality, home ambience and mood.

Covered in this Report

Air care products in this Report cover air fresheners and home fragrance products.


  • Aerosols: manual sprays including both standard mist and liquid sprays or triggers.

  • Slow release: gel, liquid, home fragrance oils and diffusers, deodoriser (eg used in fridge), hanging scent sachets (eg for closet), refills, incense sticks (unless primarily used for purpose other than room ambience, such as for religious reasons).

  • Electric/plug in: auto spray (currently insignificant in China).

  • Scented candles: excluding unscented candles used primarily for providing light.

  • Car air fresheners: products designed and marketed specifically for the car (eg can be hung easily on driving mirror, or easy to fix to dashboard).

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