What you need to know

Mattress sales are growing gradually as innovations in both retailing practices and products continue to drive interest across the market. While sales are limited by the high penetration and long lifespan of products within the category, consumers’ desire to pursue high-quality sleep as a form of health management leads them to consider more regular upgrades and replacements. These are made possible by disruptive DTC brands that are able to offer convenient, cost-conscious offerings delivered straight to shoppers’ doors.


This Report reviews the US retail market for mattresses and sleep equipment, sold through retail channels or direct to consumers. This includes:

  • Innerspring mattresses

  • Specialty foam mattresses

  • Hybrid mattresses

  • Adjustable air mattresses

  • Water beds

  • Box springs

Sleep equipment (eg futons, sleeper sofas) are discussed in this Report, but are not included in the market size. The scope of this Report does not include infant/children’s mattresses.

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