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Online beauty behavior has evolved beyond just purchasing to include a wider variety of steps, which depend on the consumer, the situation and the purchase. Many beauty consumers will utilize online and offline channels throughout their path to purchase, creating a variety of opportunities for retailers and brands to learn about customers’ behavior pre- and post-purchase. Because of the tactile nature of beauty’ persisting hesitation regarding buying without seeing, brands must find ways to fill the gaps of in-person shopping online. Consumers want and will continue to expect online tools that inform, affirm and reassure their purchases, especially as digital channels become an important beauty resource. Understanding why consumers want this and how they are using these features will allow brands and retailers to better serve their customers.


The focus of this Report is on the role online plays within the beauty and personal care categories, including where and how consumers access online beauty resources, how and why they incorporate online activity into their beauty purchase journey and how digital will continue to evolve within the beauty industry.

For the purposes of this Report, Mintel’s definition of the beauty and personal care category includes the following: color cosmetics; facial skincare; body care including soap, bath and shower products; haircare; nail care; women’s and men’s fragrances; skin protection products; beauty appliances (hair and skin) and accessories (hair and makeup). Medicated skincare and footcare are not included in this Report, rather covered in Mintel’s specific Reports on these topics.

This Report builds on the analysis presented in Mintel’s Beauty Retailing – US, October 2019 and September 2018 and 2017. For more detailed information about any of the aforementioned beauty categories, please refer to specific Report titles in the Beauty and Personal Care library.

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