What you need to know

While the growth of the child population is slowing down, this market is likely to sustain due to the unstoppable trend towards premiumised children’s food and drink, which is driven by parents’ rising health awareness, reflected in a preference for fresh, nutritional and functional products. The recent rise of common health issues in the child population also urges brands, companies and manufacturers to upgrade current products to ensure children have an abundant selection of healthier, cleaner products which are tasty and come with additional health functionality that supports age-specific growth needs. A hurdle for marketers is helping parents to realise the importance and effectiveness of feeding their kids with specifically designed products curated for their tender tummies.

Covered in this report

This Report covers all packaged food and drink products that are meant for use by children aged 4-12 years old, based on the claims, presentation, and format.

Typical product categories include staples (children’s noodles, children’s steaks, etc), snacks (children’s candy, cookies, etc), non-alcoholic drinks (milk, yogurt, juice, bottled water or any beverages that specifically target children).

The consumer survey conducted by Mintel covers parents aged 20-49 who have at least one child aged 4-12. Please note that consumer data regarding teens’ preferences and behaviours is covered in Mintel’s Marketing to Teens Report series.

Mintel GNPD’s (Global New Product Database) definition of children is those aged 5-12. In this Report, GNPD analysis is therefore based on children aged 5-12.


This Report excludes foods and drinks targeting babies and toddlers.

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