What you need to know

Black consumers spend more time, on average, each day engaged in leisure activities in comparison to all consumers but still experience challenges in maximizing their downtime due to money as well as work, personal and familial responsibilities. Time with family and friends is important, but their preference for spending their free time alone to either recharge or decompress leads to participation in familiar solo activities that always deliver on expectations. However, this consumer is interested and willing to try something new if they find an activity more valuable than what they’re accustomed to, which suggests that they recognize the importance of relaxing and having fun.


This Report highlights Black consumers’ lifestyles and attitudes, perceptions and behavior related to their leisure and entertainment. The analysis includes in-home and out-of-home leisure activities, video content consumption and drivers to trial of newer types of activities.

This Report builds on Black Consumers’ Lifestyles and Entertainment – US, January 2017 and Black Consumers’ Content Consumption and Sharing – US, January 2018. Readers may also be interested in Hispanic Consumers’ Lifestyles and Entertainment – US, December 2019 and Leisure Time – US, October 2019.

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