What you need to know

From 2020 onwards, domestic and inbound hotel/motel/guesthouse stays in the UK are expected to grow by around 0.5-0.9% per year, whilst value will grow at a faster pace (0.9%-2.2%), driven mainly by growth in international leisure visits.

A combination of declining immigration levels, continued growth in room supply and a low unemployment rate in the UK poses a significant recruitment challenge for the industry. As customer service has the highest impact on UK hotel guests’ satisfaction levels, recruitment and employee progression and satisfaction should be among hotels’ top priorities. Meanwhile, automation can allow staff to spend more time on guest interaction.

The quality of food and drink in hotels has a significant impact on guests’ satisfaction levels. Just one in four people were very satisfied with the food and drink offered during their last stay, suggesting investments in this area will help operators to drive bookings and boost loyalty.

Products covered in this Report

The Market sections of this Report examines hotels, motels and guesthouses in the UK used by both domestic and foreign tourists for any leisure, business and VFR (visiting friends and relatives) purposes. The Brand Research and Consumer sections focus on the domestic market.

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