What you need to know

Legacy fragrance houses are struggling due to the rise of indie perfumeries and cross-category competition, and traditional fragrance offerings no longer meet the needs of key demographics. On top of that, US consumers are continuing to spend less money year over year on fragrances. The fragrance industry needs to evolve to keep up with demands and alter messaging to resonate with today’s consumer.


For the purposes of this Report, the fragrances market has been defined as follows:

  • Men’s fragrances – cologne, body spray

  • Women’s fragrances – perfume, body spray

“Perfume” is used as a general description to include all fine fragrance formats, such as parfum, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette. Body sprays are not traditionally thought of as fine fragrance, but their popularity in the market has led to their inclusion in the market size.

In addition to fine fragrances and body sprays, this Report will also cover the role of fragrance in non-traditional personal care items, such as: body wash, body care, deodorants and scented hair products.

Excluded from this Report:

  • Home scents, including sprays and candles

  • Car air fresheners

  • Facial skincare

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