What you need to know

Concerns around the long-term health and environmental impacts of both scents and cleaning formulations are particularly prevalent among parents of younger children. Although these worries have encouraged many parents to consider unscented options, they also largely continue to express positive attitudes towards fragrance, including that they make cleaning a more enjoyable experience.

Scent is also a key indicator of a clean home for many parents, which suggests that fragrances in products will continue to be a desired attribute, and a key purchase driver. To maximise this opportunity, brands need to think about the future of scents in the household care category and develop scented options that consumers see as safe for themselves, their children and future generations.

Cleaning tasks covered in this Report

This Report assesses attitudes and behaviours towards cleaning the home for families. This Report refers to resident parents who live with their biological, adopted or stepchildren under the age of 18. It also compares responses between families and other groups to highlight key differences in behaviours and attitudes.

All aspects of cleaning within the family home are covered, including:

  • the bathroom

  • the kitchen

  • the oven

  • vacuuming floors

  • mopping floors

  • sweeping floors

  • dusting items/furniture

  • polishing furniture

  • carpets/upholstery

  • windows

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