IP and Licensed Merchandise - China - December 2020
IP and Licensed Merchandise - China - December 2020

"With the continuous improvement of consumers’ personal identity, the concept of IP has become broader and has become an important image element that highlights personal characteristics in the society. Licensed products related to IP have correspondingly ushered in broader market opportunities. Local IP in China is also constantly emerging, which in the process of satisfying consumers to follow the local culture, it also poses more challenges to the operation of domestic IP."

- Samuel Yi, Category Director

This report covers the following:

IP has a very comprehensive definition nowadays. In this Report, IP indicates all images and characters that may arouse consumers’ empathy, not just limited to movies, animation or cartoon but also famous persons, TV dramas or art and literature.
IP licensed merchandise stands for the goods licenced by IP owners and being packaged or designed with obvious IP images and concepts.
In this Report, Mintel discovers the perception of the IP concept. IP licensed merchandise is examined to see the opportunity in purchasing channels, trigger and attitudes.
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