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Consumer spending on small domestic appliances is estimated to grow by 7.5% to £2.68 billion in 2019; the second consecutive year of increased growth. The return of real wage growth since mid-2017 combined with price deflation since the turn of 2019 to drive sales, as consumers were encouraged to purchase, upgrade and replace small domestic appliances in the past year.

Moreover, income growth and record-low unemployment saw consumer confidence reach new heights in the past year, as consumers’ focus turned to their own situation given the continued uncertainty of Brexit. Within the market, sales were catalysed by innovative new product developments, while the market benefited from the UK’s growing health-consciousness, which underpinned new demand in the usual kitchen appliances, alongside air fryers and air purifiers.

Looking forwards, however, the market is set to face a challenging few years given the 12 December general election, and the UK’s formal exit from the EU; currently penned in for 31 January, 2020. There has already been a rise in consumers putting money into savings in recent months, perhaps in anticipation of a downturn. This caution is set to slow down expenditure, although rising wages and low inflation should maintain growth over this period.

Products covered in this Report

For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

Small domestic appliances include the following:

  • vacuum cleaners

  • carpet cleaners

  • iron/handheld steamers

  • fans/heaters

  • air treatment appliances – purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers etc

  • toasters

  • sandwich makers

  • deep fat fryers

  • bread makers

  • table-top/health grills including raclettes, barbecue-style grills

  • crêpe makers, etc

  • slow cookers

  • electric steamers/rice cookers

  • other electric table-top devices such as electric woks, plate warmers, mini-ovens, soup makers, jam makers, ice cream makers, etc

  • food preparation equipment – including food processors, handheld blenders, liquidisers, fixed-stand food mixers, handheld food mixers and mini-blenders/choppers

  • kettles – cordless or corded models, jug/coffee pot and traditional style and travel kettles

  • hot beverage makers – filter coffee machines, espresso/cappuccino makers, combination filter/espresso/cappuccino machines, coffee percolators and electric tea makers

  • electrical kitchen gadgets – juicers, electric can openers, carving knives, etc.

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