What you need to know

The outdoor recreation market is populated by a large, stable group of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who tie their identities to their favorite outdoor activities. Consumers have a tendency to gravitate toward the familiar, making family, friends and even influencers important groups to break people out of their regular routines and help them adopt new activities. Even though most outdoor enthusiasts stick to only a few activities, they are growing the market through frequent participation and an invigorated sense of activism.


For the purposes of this Report, active outdoor activities are defined as those which require a significant level of commitment from an individual in terms of time and/or physical ability. Leisure outdoor activities such as grilling, relaxing outside or wildlife viewing are not covered in this Report.

An active outdoor enthusiast/participant is an individual who has participated in an active outdoor activity in the past 12 months.

The Report builds on analysis presented in Outdoor Vacation Activities – US, May 2018 and Outdoor Enthusiasts – US, March 2017.

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