What you need to know

Even as grocery ecommerce grows, online purchase incidence remains low in most major fresh food categories. However, overcoming barriers to buying fresh foods online may represent the key to keeping online grocery sales overall on a growth track. The biggest challenge may be shoppers’ generally positive view of shopping for fresh foods in-store.


Fresh foods, as defined for this Report, includes food categories traditionally found along the interior perimeter walls of supermarkets, grocery stores and most supercenters. This Report explores consumer attitudes and behaviors toward purchasing these items online.

  • Fresh refrigerated meat, poultry and fish/seafood

  • Fresh produce: Fresh fruits and vegetables, including bagged salads and pre-cut vegetables

  • Milk, dairy, eggs: Fresh dairy and non-dairy milk, cream; butter; fresh eggs

  • Baked goods including breads/rolls and cakes/pies/desserts

  • Deli/prepared foods: Deli meat and cheese and freshly prepared foods such as entrées, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, sides, trays, dips, desserts, soups and spreads

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