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Americans’ mindset and attitudes toward drinking have undergone a paradigm shift in recent years. While patrons of all ages are still drinking on-premise, younger generations are putting greater emphasis on their health and wellness, leading to more moderate drinking habits. Bars and restaurants should focus on offering options that fit into these diners’ lifestyles including non-alcoholic and better-for-you options. In addition, promoting on-premise drinking occasions as a way to try new drinks and have fun can appeal to diners’ interest in being social.


This Report covers consumer attitudes and trends relating to all alcoholic beverages consumed at any on-premise location (eg bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sport arenas). While retail alcohol data is cited in this Report, retail alcohol (ie alcohol purchased from a grocery store, mass merchandiser, liquor store) is not a focus of this Report. For more information on alcohol from a retail perspective, please look to Mintel’s Drink Report library.

This Report builds upon the previous year’s Report (see On-Premise Alcohol Trends – US, April 2018).

For the purposes of this Report, the market size covers all sales of alcohol intended to be consumed on-premise, regardless of location. In addition to restaurants, it covers sales through bars/pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues, concessions.

Consumption data is provided by Mintel Market Sizes. For information on Mintel Market Sizes methodology please see Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations.

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